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We're removing bias from hiring, and we're helping the social impact sector first. Our algorithm helps you find the jobs or employees that fit you best.

TwelveJobs for Job Seekers

TwelveJobs helps you find the jobs that fit you best.

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Social Impact Focus

Our employers are here to make a difference, just like you.

one Application - no essays

One essay-free application lets you match to any appropriate job.

Straight to the Interview

You'll only see positions you're pre-selected to interview for.

Reduced Bias

We hide identifying data from employers until they've offered you an interview.

How We Reduce Bias

We use algorithmic matching to reduce bias from both employers and job seekers. On the employer side, we take actions such as removing identifying information (e.g. the candidate's name) until the employer has agreed to an interview. On the job seeker side, our algorithm may match candidates with positions they weren't aware of, or didn't think they were qualified for, but are.

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How It Works

  • You fill out a profile.
  • Each week, you receive any interview invitations.
  • You interview, and check the organization out for yourself.
  • Success! You work to end poverty, climate change, etc. We're rooting for you!

Qualification + Motivation = Fit

Based on how your profile interacts with an employer's, we assign three scores to help match you to one another.

   Qualification Fit (Can you do this job?)
+ Motivation Fit (Do you want to do this job?)

    Overall Fit (Is it worth it to pursue this job?)

Qualification fit is based on the aspects of your skills, education, and experience that demonstrate your capacity to succeed in the open position. We ask questions like the one below.

Job Function

(2 of 4)

For the functional area you selected, what is your level of expertise?

Motivation fit deals with the rest of the package: What global problems do you want to make an impact on? What size organization do you want to work in? Will you manage an office team, or spend your days and nights out in the field? You get the picture.

Work Time

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How many hours are you willing to work each week?




Qualification and motivation combine to form your overall fit score. We only show you good fits - and we keep learning what that means for you.

What Is "Social Impact"?

Social impact jobs come in all shapes and sizes: for-profit and non-profit, management and entry level. But they all share one goal: make the world a better place during your day job.

Whether you care about improving education, healthcare, the environment, or any other societal challenge, TwelveJobs helps you find a job where you can use your skills to make an impact.

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