Eliminating bias in hiring

Our algorithm helps you find the jobs or employees that fit you best.

TwelveJobs for Job Seekers

TwelveJobs is an automated, anonymous job matching platform that's eliminating bias in hiring so you can truly find the right match.

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Reduced Bias

We hide identifying and signaling data from employers, and focus on your qualifications and goals.

One Application

One application lets you match to any appropriate job in our system.

Straight to the Interview

You'll only see positions for which you're pre-selected to enter the interview process.

What is TwelveJobs?

TwelveJobs helps employers focus on what matters: how your qualifications and goals overlap with their needs. We don't share identifying or signaling information - gender, race, age, photos, etc. - that shouldn't be factored into hiring decisions.

To truly find you the right match, we ask questions about your skills and experiences, but also factor in how you'd like to spend your time. A single profile is all you need to match to any appropriate job in our system.

Once your profile is complete, we algorithmically match you against our open positions. Employers see the best-fitting (de-identified) matches for each of their active jobs, including ~50 data points on why the match is so strong. If you're invited to enter the interview process, you'll receive a similar report. Everyone saves time - instead of searching and sorting, we'll let you know if an employer wants to connect!

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How We Reduce Bias

Implicit bias can affect any judgement where a person is unconsciously identified as part of a group rather than as an individual. In the hiring process, the effects of bias are well-documented with respect to race, sex/gender, age, and socio-economic background.

To mitigate this, our profiles yield well-structured data so we can match on over 50 data points while hiding identifying and signaling information that can lead to bias.


  • Graduation years suppressed
  • Birthday suppressed
  • Years of experience limited to “15 years or more”
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized age-related data shown

Instead, employers see match scores for education and experience levels (e.g. "bachelors degree" and "managed direct reports on a permanent basis"). They also see information regarding your goals.


  • Name hidden until you agree to enter interview process
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized gender data shown

Instead, employers see match scores for your qualifications and motivations.


  • Name hidden until you agree to enter interview process
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized race data shown

Instead, employers see match scores for your qualifications and motivations.

Socioeconomic status

  • Address suppressed
  • Your desired salary suppressed
  • No questions about salary history
  • School name(s) suppressed

Instead, employwers see matches for metro area(s) / commute time, how likely you are to agree on salary, and education level (for some experienced candidates without a college degree, we may show that you have a college degree or equivalent).


Studies have shown that similarly qualified people apply for the same position at different rates. One study, for example, shows that women tend to apply for a position only when they meet all of the listed qualifications, whereas men apply with 60%.

Algorithmically matching job seekers to positions lets us filter out systemic differences in application rates and instead focus on whether a position could actually be a good fit for any given job seeker. We can often tell from the employer's profile which qualifications are truly important. Our algorithm may match you with positions you wouldn't otherwise be aware of, or have the confidence to apply for.

We're also working hard to make sure that our network of job seekers is demographically diverse, and are always looking for ways to expand the network.

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