About Us

TwelveJobs builds software products in pursuit of an equitable society.

The Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Before founding TwelveJobs, Amy Seibel built her career working in social impact organizations. She spent four years managing large educational data system projects while volunteering with a nonprofit organization to help homeless youth in Boston find employment. Amy has also worked as the communications director of a health education startup and as a staffer on state and federal election campaigns. She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Brown University and an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, where she was a 2014-2015 Fulbright grantee.

Co-Founder and Chief of Product

Nat Seelen joined TwelveJobs from Brooke Charter Schools in Boston, MA, where he was the Director of Data. Prior to his tenure at Brooke, he was an Education Pioneers Analyst Fellow at Citizen Schools, an education nonprofit based in Boston, where he also volunteered with the fantastic sixth-graders of the Edwards Middle School. Nat has worked as a nonprofit consultant, managed a classical music ensemble, and performs professionally with Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band. He holds an undergraduate degree in Music Theory, History, and Composition from Brown University.