Eliminating bias in hiring

Our algorithm helps you find the jobs or employees that fit you best.

TwelveJobs for Employers

TwelveJobs is an automated, anonymous job matching platform that's eliminating bias in hiring so you can truly find the right match.

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Find the Best

Blind screening and algorithmic matching reduce unconscious bias and get you the best candidates.

Efficient process

No more searching. See your highest-scoring matches: ~50 data points on how candidates fit your needs.

Better Stats

Better recruiting ratios, better-fitting employees, and lower turnover give you the results you need.

What is TwelveJobs?

More diverse companies financially outperform their less diverse competition. Yet in a typical hiring process, identifying and signaling information (photos, graduation years, age, gender, race, address, etc.) can lead to unconscious bias and negatively affect the organization's ability to hire the best talent.

TwelveJobs lets you focus on what matters: how candidates meet your needs. Instead of showing identifying or signaling information, we show how candidates meet ~50 of your customized criteria. To truly find you the best fits, we also consider candidates' motivations and goals.

Once you've answered questions about your positions, we algorithmically match candidates to them. Our automated analysis saves time: instead of searching and sorting, you see your best-fitting matches. Our system ranks each candidate on how they fit your needs, enabling us to quickly share the best matches.

We offer two services to employers:

1) We can provide you with a high-scoring list of matches from our pool of candidates. This is ideal for positions where you may not have enough applicants, or where you don't feel you're getting the right applicants.

2) Your existing and future candidates can complete TwelveJobs profiles. From there, we can provide match scores and analysis to save you time and identify the best. This is ideal for positions where you anticipate an overwhelming number of applicants.

How We Reduce Bias

Implicit bias can affect any judgement where a person is unconsciously identified as part of a group rather than as an individual. In the hiring process, the effects of bias are well-documented with respect to race, sex/gender, age, and socio-economic background. Harvard's Project Implicit also has some fascinating tools to help people identify any implicit biases they may hold.

To mitigate this, our profiles yield well-structured data so we can match on over 50 data points while hiding identifying and signaling information that can lead to bias.


  • Graduation years suppressed
  • Birthday suppressed
  • Years of experience limited to “15 years or more”
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized age-related data shown

Instead, you see match scores for education and experience levels (e.g. "bachelors degree" and "managed direct reports on a permanent basis"). You also see information regarding candidates' goals.


  • Name hidden until you agree to enter interview process
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized gender data shown

Instead, you see match scores for candidates' qualifications and motivations.


  • Name hidden until you agree to enter interview process
  • No photos shown
  • No individualized race data shown

Instead, you see match scores for candidates' qualifications and motivations.

Socioeconomic status

  • Address suppressed
  • Salary informatmion suppressed
  • No questions about salary history
  • School name(s) suppressed

Instead, you see matches for metro area(s) / commute time, how likely you are to agree on salary, and education level.


Studies have shown that similarly qualified people apply for the same position at different rates. One study, for example, shows that women tend to apply for a position only when they meet all of the listed qualifications, whereas men apply with 60%.

Algorithmically matching job seekers to positions lets us filter out systemic differences in application rates and instead focus on whether a position could actually be a good fit for any given job seeker. Our algorithm may match you with candidates who wouldn't otherwise apply.

We're also working hard to make sure that our network of job seekers is demographically diverse, and are always looking for ways to expand the network.

Know someone we should connect with, or want to chat? Contact us at info@twelvejobs.com.

Beta Test Pricing

There's no subscription fee in our beta test.

•  For most positions, $100 is due at the time of posting. In the case of specialized positions*, $200 is due at the time of posting.

•  For most positions, 5% of the candidate's first year salary is due upon hire. In the case of specialized positions*, 10% is due upon hire.

*Specialized positions are those that require 8 or more years of experience, a doctoral-level degree, or a salary above $100,000. If you have questions about a certain position, please contact info@twelvejobs.com.

In October, we are pleased to offer a discounted price for nonprofit organizations: a flat rate of $100 per posted position.

If you'd like to talk more about our pricing or service, you can email us at info@twelvejobs.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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